The book was developed in concert with our workshops – Testimonials from these workshops
Excellent introduction to the many features of meta-analysis.
– Stephen J. Ganocy, PhD, Dept. of Psychiatry, Case Western Reserve University
I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of Dr. Michael Borenstein's online workshop. He has a unique gift of taking seemingly complex material and explaining it so intuitively. I am already applying the principles that he discusses in his modules to my research during medical school and residency. I would enthusiastically recommend this workshop to anyone looking to understand the methods of meta-analysis as well as how to interpret meta-analyses in the context of a systematic review.
– Moez Karim Aziz, MD, MS, Resident Physician, Baylor College of Medicine
This is a great workshop for learning Meta-Analysis. The instructor explains everything in detail, the workshop materials are very useful. Overall a very good learning experience.
– Weiling Li, Purdue University - Los Angeles 2019
Thank you. This course has helped me understand the ins and outs, assumptions and weakness of the meta-analyses I read and how I can improve current protocol that I've been working up!
– Katie McGill, University of Newcastle - Sydney 2020
I was worrying whether I can understand this content well before I attended the course. However, this fear vanished while I participated in the course. I love the teaching style of the instructor, very efficient, very knowledgeable, and very helpful. The content of the course is very helpful, covering the major issues and even further a range of topics. I enjoyed the course very much and I learned a lot from it. I'm going to use what I have learned and hopefully to come back for an advanced course (if any) in the future.
– Junwen Chen, Australian National University - Sydney 2020
I was extremely unsure if this course was too far advance for me. Previously I did not have any experience with statistics. After having been reassured that the course doesn't assume how much one knows about Meta-Analysis I decided to take it. I really enjoyed how Dr. Borenstein explained analysis with multiple examples that made understanding Meta-Analysis simple and enjoyable.
– Yousaf Zafar, NCH Residency Program - Los Angeles 2019
I came to the course with some specific projects in mind, and I got the answers I needed to go ahead with my own Meta-Analysis. I would not say I am an expert now, but definitely more confident about approaching this.
– Lynette Mackenzie, University of Sydney - Sydney 2020
The course content is wonderful and Dr. Borenstein is extremely patient and helpful in his interactions. Even though I have undertaken Meta-Analysis studies, I did pick up additional nuances that add to the clarity of understanding. Thanks a lot Dr. Borenstein!
– Moutusi Maity, IIM Lucknow - Sydney 2020
A lot of important information is covered in this course. I have gained a good understanding of the basic concepts of meta-analysis and become aware of some of the misunderstandings and 'traps' that are commonly encountered. I will definitely need to review all the information and apply it to my own M-A to reinforce what I've learned. Fortunately there is plenty of written and electronic back-up information provided too. Michael is a very passionate and generous instructor.
– Janis Harse, University of Western Australia - Sydney 2020
This is a fantastic course which gave me a very useful insight about Meta-Analysis. I am a novice researcher but gave me a platform to work on Meta-Analysis in the future. Professor Borenstein is an excellent instructor and always sympathetic to answer all our questions in a caring and supportive way.
– Abebaw Mengisu Yohannes, Azusa Pacific University - Los Angeles 2019
I really enjoy the flow of the workshop in terms of how the instructor introduced the basic concepts and then built upon that and introduced more appropriate models. I never used the CMA program before the workshop but I am very impressed by how friendly the program is based on my experience of the workshop.
– Hsiang-Yeh Ho, McRel - Los Angeles 2019
I really enjoyed this workshop. The organization of case studies and the ability to follow along using Comprehensive Meta-Analysis 3.0 have made this an outstanding learning experience. Dr. Borenstein has that rare quality of being able to discuss very complex topics in understandable language. He answers questions very cordially. In short, this has been a great learning experience.
– Alan J. Lipps, Abilene Christian University - Los Angeles 2019
The course has enlightened me a lot about meta-analysis. The way I look at a meta-analysis is completely different as this workshop has changed my perspective about meta-analysis completely. It is a kind of an eye opener for me. The course helped me understand the concepts of meta-analysis very clearly.
– Rama Krishna Guggilla, Medical University of Bialystok - Los Angeles 2019
This is an excellent course, well presented, step-by-step and easy to follow. Great to have all the case studies in paper and soft copy. Michael is extremely knowledgeable and an excellent teacher. I liked the stories, real life examples and openness to answer questions. He was able to make a dry topic very interesting. Also appreciated a grounded clinical perspective of what meta-analysis results infer.
– Sharon Carey, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital - Sydney 2020
This course really delivered beyond my expectations. On the one hand, the course explains the science behind Meta-Analysis. Then on the other hand, the course teaches how to use the CMA program to perform the analysis. Dr. Michael Borenstein uses easy to understand examples to teach the principles of Meta-Analysis. The section on heterogeneity was excellent. I appreciate how he uses simple logic to teach these principles.
– David R. Rutledge, Global Strategic Solutions - Los Angeles 2019
Fantastic course on the appropriate use of statistical concepts and techniques in meta-analysis without getting lost in the math. Very useful introduction to the potential of CMA software to perform various intricate analysis. Well taught and well paced for people with different backgrounds and interest.
– Naresh Ramaratan, Navya Network - Los Angeles 2019
This course was well worth the time spent. Dr. Borenstein is an excellent teacher and creates an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable asking questions. It was extremely helpful and I would thoroughly recommend it.
– Elizabeth Thorn, Georgetown University - San Francisco 2015
I found this workshop incredibly helpful. This workshop has increased my confidence in conducting and interpreting a meta-analysis. Further, Michael's generosity with his time in taking questions during the breaks and after-hours were an unmeasurable benefit to this workshop. The additional benefits were all the resources provided as part of the workshop- these have been, and will continue to be so incredibly helpful.
– Rebecca Lazarus, Macquarie University (Sydney, 2015)
A succession of 'Aha' moments! Very good course!
– Julia Schröders, Umeå Centre for Global Health Research, Umeå, Sweden
Michael Borenstein is an extremely clear teacher. He explains meta-analyses procedures in a systematic and 'simple' way, meaning that he describes the concepts without complicated words. I got a good overview of how to use CMA in my future work. Thank you for the support to develop more self-efficacy with respect to performing meta-analyses and interpreting the results.
– Silvia Titze, University of Graz, Austria
This course is an eye-opening experience regarding how to use meta-analysis, especially in the field of health sciences. Tons of information that would equip you with the tools to carry out a meta-analysis with ease and confidence. A 'must-take' course. I recommend to all my colleagues. Thank you so much, Michael.
– Dr. Muneera Al-Ghanim, Kuwait University, HSC
A very clear, usable way to approach meta-analysis. As a non-statistician, I found this course very understandable and applicable to my work in systematic reviews. Dr. Borenstein has a gift of being able to clearly explain difficult concepts. This is a fantastic course!
– Dru Riddle, PhD, CRNA, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas USA, School of Nurse Anesthesia
The CMA workshop presented by Dr. Michael Borenstein is one of the best we had. Dr. Borenstein delivered the workshop on site to our study team of eight members in Rockville, Maryland. Since most of the participants did not have previous experience with meta-analysis, the one-day workshop covered both conceptual issues related to meta-analysis as well as hands-on demonstration of the CMA software. It was extremely thorough and informative. We were most appreciative of the follow-ups he provided. Dr. Borenstein was always very accessible and helpful whenever we had questions about CMA in the subsequent months as we coded the studies and analyzed the data.
– Xiaodong Zhang, Senior Study Director, Westat, Rockville, MD
Thank you very much for the wonderful workshop at Kent State University. I really enjoyed it. I particularly like the way you organize the course, starting with the concept, then applications and examples, and finally common mistakes.
– Jingzhen (Ginger) Yang, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, College of Public Health, Kent State University
The meta-analysis seminar was extremely clear, informative, and helpful. We were especially pleased that it was at an appropriate level for the faculty and researchers who were from various areas of specialization in health and medical sciences at our University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. Thank you.
– Syed S. Haque, PhD, Professor and Chairman, Department of Health Informatics, Director of Graduate Programs in Biomedical Informatics
As a professor of statistics, I was unsure whether to take the initial online course in meta-analysis, thinking that it might either be too dense and jargon-filled to be interesting (given Dr. Borenstein’s impressive credentials and knowledge base) or too basic (given that I was already teaching a course). As I finish the series now, however, I am awestruck by the quality of this offering. Dr. Borenstein is quite simply a master teacher, so he offers complex material in a completely comprehensible form, the best of both worlds. I picked up details on the statistics, the use of CMA, and the theory behind the statistics, but I also (hopefully) will model the style and clarity of his teaching style in my own work in the future. I look forward to the intermediate and advanced sessions.
– Constance J. Dalenberg, PhD, Alliant International University - Online Workshop
Very useful course, with a lot of interaction. I recommend it, really effective.
– Dr. Massimo Salvetti, University of Brescia, Italy
A detailed course with a wealth of resources provided. I have learnt a lot but now need to put it into practice.
– Dr. E. Derbyshire, Senior Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University
Practical and very informative course. Michael had a clarity of mind like no-one else.
– Dr. C. Charalambous, Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon
No matter if you’re a clinician, researcher or statistician; the course offers you a broad theoretical as well as practical intro to the discipline of meta-analysis. Everyone seemed to learn something – this shows great competence of Michael Borenstein.
– Christina Mohr Jensen, Research Unit for Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Good comprehensive explanation of difficult concepts. Pre-reading of the Meta-Analysis book, classroom discussion and demonstrations make this course very powerful! Thank you.
– Dr. Tahir Saleem, Bayer Healthcare
Great course! I feel like I am now confident enough to go away and do my own meta-analysis based on the theory and practical knowledge acquired.
– Carissa Murrell, Scientist, Deltex Medical
Michael is an excellent presenter. Although being a complete novice to the subject, I left the course with a thorough understanding of the topic and a real desire to apply it to my own area of work, which is research in the agri-food sector in Northern Ireland.
– Alan Gordon, Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute
The course was very helpful in understanding the concepts of Meta-Analysis and the procedures, as well as in assessing the results of meta-analysis.
– Nafiha Usman, Skretting Aqualculture Research Centre, Norway
It was a very well organized course. The most important aspect was the competency & willingness of the facilitator to engage & answer to questions not only during the sessions but also during the breaks. I benefitted a lot from the lectures on theory and understand different key concepts in meta-analysis.
– Ali Moazzam, WHO
I would definitely recommend taking this course. It has direct application for anyone who is interested in performing meta-analysis. I was very surprised that we even looked at meta-regression, which expands the ability to analyze data.
– Dr. Maxine Strickland, DmD, MPH, Rutgers School of Medicine
It was a very informative seminar. I feel much more confident in doing meta-analysis now. Thank you.
– Karine Dubois-Comtois, University of Quebec at Trois-Rivieres
This session was a great experience for understanding the theories behind the program. Technical, but accessible even for non-stats people.
– Phil Gregory, PharmD, Creighton University
The discussion of theory and practice throughout the course allows you to start to use this technique the next day.
– Marco A. Magalhaes, WHO
A worthwhile course for those interested in better understanding the concepts and applications of meta-analysis methods.
– Roger Gibb, Procter & Gamble
This course is critical to those new to meta-analysis. Following the course you will be able to speak confidently about conceptual and statistical issues. I recommend it to all my graduate students who are planning meta-analyses.
– Jennifer Theule, C. Psych., University of Manitoba
As a key component to my work, quantitative synthesis of literature data is a challenging task. Nevertheless, CMA allows me to do my work much easier in an efficient manner.
– Yu-Sheng Lin, US EPA
The class reinforced and expanded my current knowledge of meta-analysis. I have several immediate applications when I go back to my office on how to better clarify the interpretation of results with respect to heterogeneity and subgroup analysis. Thanks for making meta-analysis fun!
– Sharon Tracy, American Dental Association
The workshop was exceptionally thorough and provided ample materials for anyone looking to conduct a meta-analysis. The software is very user-friendly and has a unique educational focus. I would certainly recommend this workshop to others.
– Melissa Bright, PhD, Institute for Child Health Policy, University of Florida
I am pursuing clinical research and this course has greatly enhanced my computational ability. It has also heightened my ability to produce a more convincing and contextual project.
– Stephen Nuyit Mbah, MD, Healthcare
Great program and a great workshop. Combined content about meta-analysis with hands-on application and examples. Dr. Borenstein makes complex and nuanced analysis easily understandable.
– Kari Adamsons, University of Connecticut
I used to work with meta-analysis and I have never found any other materials more brilliant than this 2 day course. The lecturer Dr. Borenstein is very enthusiastic in helping out with students, clarifying their concepts personally and he welcomed all sorts of questions in a manner that the students will not feel embarrassed. This course is good for both beginners as well as professionals who have already mastered some skills in meta-analysis.
– Evelyn Wong, Castle Park Hospital Hong Kong
Having written meta-analysis in the past, but being a clinician/academic; the course has been excellent for me. It was pitched at a level I could follow, helped me understand approaches I use and common pitfalls. I would recommend it for any clinical academic who is interested in conducting meta-analysis.
– David Ekers, Durham University
Great course material; great lectures by Michael, well prepared and clear; great interactive opportunities with Michael; very informal and friendly atmosphere that makes you listen and dare to ask questions; perfect mix of lectures and practice.
– Karin Jensen, Harvard Medical School
Michael clearly explained some of the basic concepts of meta-analysis (e.g. Random vs. fixed effects models; interpreting heterogeneity scores; subgroup analysis) in a way that made these sometimes-confusing issues clear. He also exposed some of the myths and mistakes that are common in many published Meta-Analysis.
– Christina Pallitto, WHO
Excellent way of approaching meta-analysis, rendering it very simple using a very nice and user-friendly software. Everything is in it!
– Sylvain Larroque, Senior Biostatistician, Shire
I truly appreciated the course. It was very clear, but also very thorough. It was also very clear when it comes to fallacies to take into consideration, when you are publishing a meta-analysis. I can really recommend this course to everybody who are working with or plan to work with Meta-Analysis.
– Monica Melby-Lervåg, Professor University of Oslo
Unraveled some of the mysteries of meta-analysis with practical "hands-on" examples, that could be easily understood by those of us who are not statisticians.
– Caryl Nowson, Deakin University, Australia
This course was fantastic. A good balance of theory and practice really helped to bring my current understanding of meta-analysis to a higher level. It helped to smooth out some rough edges that will guide my future research.
– Liz Speelman, Georgia College & State University
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